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Recently we got the OUYA game console and I promised a friend on twitter to write something about the gamepads that are inclued in the OUYA.

Please note that the gamepads that I got are from the developer version and doesn’t reflect the final version of the gamepad for the OUYA. It will be interesting to compare the two in the future.

The layout of the gamepad is pretty much as the Xbox one, which I like. The major difference is the center area. So let’s start there!

The first thing you may notice when you look at this gamepad is the green area in the middle of the gamepad. The green area is the touch-area. It is quite clever to have a touch area since the console is based on the Android system. The touch area is basically a trackpad. As soon as you touch around on it the mouse points is shown and moves on the screen. When you stop using the track pad the mouse pointer fades out. The pointer was a bit laggy (remember, dev version) but what was maybe even more annoying was that you didn’t get any tactile feedback when you were on or off the trackpad. I would prefer if the trackpad was made of some other material or if it had edges so you knew when you were close to the edge.

The analog sticks have a good placement and they are clickable. The biggest issue with them are that they are very slippery. I had issues rotating/pushing the sticks and having my thumbs on them because of the slipperiness. This could be a dev-gamepad-issue and hopefully this will be fixed.

The d-pad is crap, just like the xbox one. It is actually even worse than the xbox one. Hopefully this is just a dev gamepad issue.

The face up buttons work fine. They have the same placement as the xbox and even the same colors. They click good too. However the font on the buttons is very thing and it can be hard to see the color. Maybe it would work better if the colors were inverted?

So on to the shoulder buttons/triggers! It feels like the triggers were to high up in comparison to where my index fingers would rest on the back side of the gamepad. I would prefer if they were moved down. Seriously, just copy the gamecube here please, OUYA. The gamecube got the perfect needed pressure to push them down and the click is very satisfying. 

I like that the batteries don’t take up any extra space on the back in comparision to the xbox gamepad. However it was a bit tricky to understand how to open up the sides of the gamepad to put them in. You have to “peel” the sides off from the shoulder buttons. It wasn’t 100% obvious.


The trackpad area is what makes this gamepad special. Other than that, there isn’t much to report at this time. Also, things may change for the final version. Just wanted to let you know again that I got the dev unit from the kickstarter.

If you got questions, just let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer :)

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